Why can I trade on coins without needing to push the buttons on my trezor? ticket #178838

I am using a trezor one and metamask as the frontend to trade on etherium and pulsechain. Each time I got on I would connect my trezor to the dummy metamask wallet. I would make my trades and I would have to confirm them on the trezor each time, and then when I was done I would disconnect my wallet. A few days ago metamask removed or moved the disconnect wallet button. Now I can access my funds by using the metamask password and I can trade coins without having to push the confirm transaction button on the trezor. This is very concerning to me. I feel My accounts are at risk.

And rightly so! This most likely means that you imported your Metamask seed into Trezor – or possibly vice versa, when setting up Metamask, you imported your Trezor seed instead of creating a new separate wallet.

You will need to wipe your Trezor, create a new seed, get a new receiving address, and transfer all your assets to it.

Take care to (a) create the new seed on Trezor, instead of importing it, and (b) do not enter the newly created seed anywhere on a digital device, only on the Trezor itself.