Where can I perform UTXO management? On Trezor suite or Exodus?

Hi all, I see it is possible to manage UTXO’s through Sparrow wallet. I was wondering if this is possible through Trezor suite or exodus wallet. I don’t want to use sparrow because I don’t see it mentioned in Trezor wiki. I’ve heard that having too many small UTXO’s is not a good thing and I want to combine them. Thanks.

Hi @hodlbtc,

I guess you’re talking about Bitcoin UTXOs. In that case, just send the BTC from your account in Trezor Suite to yourself, that is to the same account you sent it from.

See here for explanation:

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Great! this way looks easier than using a third party wallet. BTW, I don’t get what the big deal is with third party wallets. They do have better looking UI’s, but to me it looks like I can do everything I need to do from Trezor suite and the exchange I use.

Glad I could help you! :+1:

Well, third party wallets are mainly useful for dealing with coins & tokens which Trezor Suite miss support for but the Trezor device supports, or for coins & tokens both Trezor Suite and the Trezor device lacks support for. There are also some circumstances where a third party site has tools to fix a situation where Trezor Suite hasn’t the ability (yet) to deal with.

Personally, I use Metamask sometimes to buy coins or tokens which Trezor Suite’s partners don’t offer to buy from within Trezor Suite itself. However, I only store these in my Trezor’s wallet. I don’t store any funds in Metamask’s native wallets, or in any other third party wallets.

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Hi @hodlbtc and @Petosiris,

I would also like to mention that there is a coin control feature directly in Trezor Suite. This feature can also be used to consolidate BTC.

More information on coin control: How to use coin control in Trezor Suite