Where are my Celo coins?

I sent some Celo to T-1 wallet from Coinbase but it did not arrive. Coinbase verified the send > Any ideas ?

Hi @jmeyer,

You can’t see your CELO coins with Trezor Suite or the web wallets, but have to use MyCrypto or MyEtherWallet to see and interact with them, as stated in the Supported Coins & Tokens list.

If you can’t see them there either, after connecting your Trezor device, then please tell us something more about how you transferred CELO to your Trezor One.

Thank you for responding. I can’t see my Celo with either one. I used Coinbase to transfer the Celo. Coinbase verified that the Celo was sent but I can’t find it on T-1 device. I used the same address twice a few minutes apart. I first sent Iotex to the T-1 which is shown as a token on the T-1.

What network did you use when transferring Celo? Did you transfer both with the Ethereum network?

Not certain. I used the network supplied by Coinbase at the time of transfer after verifying the complete address on the T-1. How do I find the network that I used ? Thanks.

Try to use the two wallets in the red box to view your coins

Thanks. Where do I find the red box ?

try wallet MyCrypto or MyEtherwallet

It seems that the suite does not support celo

Thanks. So, the Celo is lost in cyberspace ?

I tried also to transfer some DOT but Coinbase said it would not be accepted by Trezor so I left it on Coinbase.

try MyCrypto or MyEtherwallet with trezor ,maybe your coin can be found.

tried those but no luck

Neither trezor nor the third-party wallets commonly used with it can directly support the storage of dot.

then your celo may lost

What does " lost " mean. Can a route of transfer be traced ?

where did you send your celo?
there is no receiving address for celo in suite . and celo use celo network not erc20

Celo was sent to the T-1 wallet directly using an ETH address. I used the address once 5 minutes before to send Iotex token to the Trezor wallet.

but celo is not an erc20 token . they just have similar receiving addresses

Believe in yourself or believe in the exchange is a difficult choice. As far as I know, many people have lost millions because of their trust in the exchange. I also have netizens who believe in themselves and cause hundreds of thousands of lost coins.
This choice is not easy.

Thanks for your help. I will keep looking.

Hi jmeyer and Btc Ltc If you look on the internet CELO have a link which describes how to recover CELO sent to an ethereum address by mistake. Recover CELO from an Ethereum Address | Celo Documentation

It is very straightforward. As Btc Ltc states I had to link my TREZOR through MyEtherWallet. However when I managed to work through the CELO instruction, I ended up nnot seeing the 103 CELO in the TREZOR. The path has to be specified and I used the standard ETHEREUM path 44’ 00’ 0 0 0 but now I am wondering if TREZOR wallets have a slightly different path? BtcLtc do you have any advice?

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