When will we be able to transfer SOL, DOT, KSM and other ecosystems onto Trezor model T?

Hey Trezor Support,

I just made a new account on my new Trezor Model T and found out that it doesn’t support SOL, DOT, KSM and some other crypto ecosystems that I want to add. I just wanted to ask if there will be an option soon or in the near future that will allow us to add more coins? It would be much appreciated. I thought I might have to send my Trezor back and get a Ledger, as I now know, supports the coins I have.

Also, would you recommend storing my SOL, DOT, KSM and other crypto ecosystems on Exodus Wallet for the meantime? I saw that it supports these coins and is compatible with Trezor Wallets.

Looking forward to hearing from you

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Exodus is perfectly fine to use with trezor.
trezor can also be used with metamask to support more networks. When using, please note that the passphrase is related to the hidden wallet issue. MM’s hint for passphrase is not very good. Networks supported by MM can be viewed at the following URL.


Hei Rebel

I can tell that from my experience exodus + trezor work seamlessly .
Exodus has a great GUI, the pairing with trezor only works on desktop (for IOS) but you are able to keep track of your portfolio on the mobile app.
Your keys are always on your trezor.
On android you are able to connect the trezor via usb.