When purchasing wallet, received message “purchase occurred outside of the USA

When purchasing wallet from https//trezor.io/ , received message “purchase occurred outside of the USA. I purchased by Discover card in Louisiana.

Is this a normal response from Discover when purchasing from Trezor?

Never had this happen from any discover purchases before.

Makes me wonder if trezor site is valid.

If this happens on all trezor orders originating in the United States of America, under discover card, trezor should have alerted us to this unusual notice prior to purchase.

Hi @Georges,

I can confirm that https://trezor.io/ is our official site and official eshop.

If you have trouble purchasing from our eshop with your credit card, please reach out to support via chat speech bubble in the bottom right corner on the following page:

Once you will get your ticket number let me know here.