When i install my Trezor Suite this pops up, has anyone else seen this what is going on?

You have downloaded a fake app. Uninstall immediately and never type your seed into any application.

The only official app is here: https://suite.trezor.io/

Trezor will never ask you to enter your seed. Please, also read here:

I understand that but I didn’t download it

is this the correct web address? trezor. io /trezor-suite
when I uninstall and then install again its exactly the same problem

well you did…you are probably being redirected to the phishing website.

I have since downloaded the package again, installed a new comprehensive antivirus. I then reinstalled the suite and the ransomeware has disappeared with an normal trezor activation. I have no idea how that had happened. I am careful on the internet.

I didn’t download it. this morning i went open the app and the trouble started.

Hey @nezor,

Sorry this is happening to you. Please consider wiping your whole system. It’s impossible to ensure the malicious app is really gone.

Good on you for being diligent and not blindly accepting what is happening on your screen. This should be celebrated.

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Thank you, I think I will just in future connect to an isolated computer.