What version of USB-c is required to connect Trezor to PC?

I see there are several version of usb-c, which one is required for the Trezor device?

Has Trezor considered spending $5 extra and include the right cable with the device? It is wasting peoples time not to include a cable that can connect to a PC just to save $5.

Trezor does not require a specific cable type. Any USB-A to USB-C cable that carries data will work.

Most people probably have one at home already, it comes with a lot of smartphones for charging & sync.

People have lightning cables … it does not fit with the trezor.

I have bought this one and will recieve it in a few days. It better work or I will have to return the Trezor.

USB-C 3.1 til USB-A 2.0