What Is The ETH (Ethereum, Ether) Derivation Path In Trezor Suite?

I have a multi-coin 12 word seed wallet recovered with Trezor Suite that was formerly created with Coinomi App. All coins’ balances showed up, except for ETH, which showed zero balance!

I assume that a different derivation path is the reason.
Coinomi is very transparent on derivation paths, all coins and all wallets show their derivation paths, and wallets with custom derivation paths can also be created.

Now, before I send any ETH to Trezor Suite addresses, I really want to know its derivation path for obvious reasons: I do not want to be dependent on proprietary undocumented Trezor Suite! If one day Trezor Suite does no more work, I want to have the possibility to access my coins from another SW. But this is only possible if I know the derivation path used by Trezor Suite for ETH.

Where can I find this information? I tried with internet search, but to no avail.

Coinomi uses BIP32 derivation path

What does Trezor Suite use?

Hmm, now in this forum (Tread named “Restored Ledger to Trezor ETH not showing correctly / derivation path issue”) I found the info from a Trezor staff member from year 2021 that Trezor uses a BIP 44 derivation path for ETH, whereas Ledger (and obviously also Coinomi) uses the (normal) BIP 32 derivation path.

Further research with the invaluable BIP39 tool from Ian Coleman (“Ian Coleman BIP39 Mnemonic Code Converter”) shows me:

ETH Standard BIP 32 derivation path is this (same as what Coinomi (and Ledger) uses):

ETH BIP 44 derivation path is the following special BIP 32 derivation path:

Note that there is an additional /0 at the end, and also note that the last 0 does NOT have the ’ character, i.e this one is not “hardened” (this is what the ’ means)!

Well, ok, I’ll check if this works out, i.e. I’ll check if Coinomi App can see my Trezor ETH balance with above non-standard BIP32 derivation path…

Result: It works out well! To summarize:

To make the Tresor Suite ETH balance visible and usable in Coinomi Wallet App, I have to create a custom ETH wallet inside Coinomi app with a custom BIP 32 derivation path like this:
m/44’/60’/0’/0 or
M/44H/60H/0H/0 (equivalen Coinomi notation!)

This is different from the default Coinomi ETH derivation path
m/44’/60’/0’ or
M/44H/60H/0H (equivalen Coinomi notation)

Supplemental Note:
Althout the github “bip-0044.mediawiki” explains that in BIP 44 the address paths
m / 44’ / 60’ / 0’ / 0 / 0,1,2,3,… are used for external purposes (RX)
m / 44’ / 60’ / 0’ / 1 / 0,1,2,3,… are used for internal purposes (change)
it seems to me that the latter is not used by Trezor Suite, so it seems to be unnecessary to create a second custom ETH wallet in Coinomi with derivation path
Because that wallet, if created in Coinomi, appears to remain empty when doing ETH transactions in Trezor Suite.