What is “sent to myself transaction” which I never authorized

hi I deposited bitcoin to my trezor one wallet yesterday, and today morning, the whole bitcoin went out and my balance has 0 bitcoin now. I never authorized the transaction. and the transaction says “sent to myself” what is it?

Is it hacked? I asked to trezor support team about this but yet they didn’t reply. I need help. does anyone know this type of transaction?

for your information
I have never told anyone about recovery seed and I have wallet with me now. it has never been stolen. I used this wallet in the past and there was nothing wrong then.

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thanks for replying. my ticket Id is 176344

This is a normal situation if you are sending BTC to the same other address of the same account.

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thanks for replying but I guess it’s not same adress unfortunately. can u tell me what’s this picture below?

@jwjw0918 this was what I could see

The receive address is : bc1qw2udpwq9l075lamyt6wjdx2yttlc727p4psm8k

This is not yours??

From this receive address the coins where spent almost immediately after received

Hope this helps

Where did you get your device from? Oficial Reseller

Please await respons from official Support on your Ticket. Thank you!

thanks for replying but that was not my adress
and I didn’t authorize the transaction.

I bought this device from official trezor shop in amazon, delivered with no any damage and I used this in the past, back then nothing was wrong.

I will track the takers by cooperating with a investigation center in my country. I know it’d be difficult to get back my bitcoin. but what can I do else? It is what it is.

I can’t understand how they so quickly notice my wallet and take the bitcoin.

yes I will. but it takes longer than I expected.
hope they can find some solution and what’s the meaning of sent to myself transaction error.

@jwjw0918 we have replied to your ticket, please check your mailbox, thank you.