What if my trezor was stolen?

Someone with the trezor could access my vault and steal my crypto ?

thanks guys, i couldn’t find anything about that, im afraid of leaving my trezor at home.

thanks in advance

Unfortunately, the slogan “Don’t leave home without it” is already copyrighted for American Express. Terefore, you might like to use a PIN.

Set a PIN on the device and for added protection you could use the “hidden wallet” feature which lets you set a password for a wallet. If the device gets stolen you can just restore the wallet with your seed phrase (also called recovery seed) with your password if you used one for your wallet.

You can restore the wallet on another hardware wallet like Trezor or even on a software wallet (not recommended - maybe for desperate times if you want to check the funds or want to move them for safety).

I’ve setted a pin, but if my trezor gets stolen they can use it on another pc ?
if i make a hidden wallet im gonna lose my current wallet ?
i can’t put a password for use on her ?
feels unsafe…

the pin is to work only on my computer ?

If somebody gets my trezor the software isn’t on his computer than he will be unable to access, right ? that’s the purpose for the pin, right ?

Not if they don’t know your PIN and if you used a “hidden wallet” they also need your password. So, no they can’t do anything if they only steal your device. And you can restore the wallet on another device with the seed phrase + password (if you used one).

The PIN is Trezor device specific and has nothing to do with your PC. When the Trezor device is connected to any computer the same PIN is protecting it. You set the PIN on the device not on the computer.

It has nothing to do with the Trezor Suite, that’s just a fancy frontend for the hardware wallet. You could use the Trezor device with any other software wallet management app.

A person needs to know your device PIN and password (if you used one - this feature is optional). You can also use a standard wallet without a password, then they only need your PIN.

If you still don’t understand what I’m saying then I don’t know how to explain this to you. You keep asking for the same questions, so I’m not sure if you have trouble understanding English or are just anxious.