What if I lose my Trezor? What if it's broken?

Your wallet is represented by your recovery seed - from the seed all your private and public keys (addresses) are generated from. Luckily this seed is independent of the physical Trezor device. If you lose your Trezor or if it’s misplaced, destroyed or simply not available, you can always use your recovery seed to restore the access to your wallet and all your balances.

Your wallet can be resotred either to another Trezor device (this is, of course, the recommended option) or to another compatible wallet (this is considered rather emergency option)

Here’s manual for recovery: Recovery
More on emergency situations: Emergency situations: you have lost your Trezor

When I purchased my Trezor T, I didn’t receive a passphrase ( a string of words). Instead, I received a tracking number and assumed it was the passkey. Here we are two months later. I am VERY gentle with my hardware and when I went to go to put my code in it literally fell in two in my hands. The laptop recognizes there is something connected when I put it back together as there is a beep when plugged into the USB drive. However, nothing else on the device works. I wouldn’t mind having it fixed WITHOUT wiping the contents on the wallet and then purchasing another one OR finding a way through my emails of what my private key may be. Either way, this is very frustrating and time is of the essence. Not only did I never receive a key, but the device broke in two in my freakishly small weak hands! Please help me resolve this issue ASAP. Thank you.

Hi Jos3ph,

I am sorry to learn about your issues with the device. Please be so kind to use this form https://trezor.io/support/technical/issue/ to create a ticket with the photo of the broken device included and we will have a look into it. Please share the ticket ID with me.

Please note we don’t provide any passphrase or seed with the device. The device always comes empty and needs to be initiated by the user - installing firmware, backing up the device with new seed and optionally creating a passphrase.