What happens if I recover seed on new device, will the original one get erased automatically?

No, seed is independent of the device and remains active until it’đ erased from the given device. Devices and seed are not connected as there is no central authority, Trezor holds no control of your account or wallet, only you have the access details to it. This is the great power but also responsibility.

Hi, I got a trezor one and I migrated a seed phrase. I was planning to connect a wallet or export a wallet? Anyway I promptly lost my trezor one. I think I left it in a hotel room.
is there any chance someone can try to get the seed phrase that I imported into the device? And then they would have to know the wallet but they would not but still seems risky. Should I be worried and try hard to find it? I never connected any coins or any wallets to the device.

Hi @Zippybrown

If you hadn’t used that Trezor device for keeping any coins, then there is nothing to lose. However, you mustn’t use the same seed once you get a new Trezor device.

Your currently lost device is being protected only by PIN (if set). Theoretically, there could be a downgrade attack performed directly on your lost device, so the attacker could possibly get the access to the wallet. It’s not an easy task, though.

Anyway, since you didn’t keep any coins on your Trezor, there is nothing to be worried about. Once you have a new Trezor device, create a new wallet (you will get a new recovery seed) and consider using passphrase which fully mitigates the possibility of performing a physical downgrade attack on your Trezor device.

problem is the seed phrase I put in is for one of my wallets. Any way an attacker can grab that out?

If you use the same seed anywhere else, then move your funds to some safe place ASAP, as there is a theoretical risk of a downgrade attack (resulting in getting your seed from your lost device). It’s rather theoretical, yet possible.

Also, after entering 16 wrong PIN attempts, Trezor device will be completely erased (including the private key).

thanks~ I can not remember if I put a pin in or not. What is a “downgrade attack”? just curious how theoretical that is.

To learn more about the downgrade attack please see this blog post

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