Wanted to make another transfer of usdt but the money went to another wallet which belong to trezor! What should I do? Or this is Trezor trying to scam their clients?

I sent money in March to the following address - 0xa1a89100F1381a574A156D96d566a563f13e3825, and everything went smoothly.

The next day, I wanted to make the same payment and sent money to the address displayed on my TREZOR, but instead of the correct account, there was a different address - 0xA1A484EFb61BC15639643F471b6385c4eC3e3825.

Visually, they look identical at the end. It’s unclear why TREZOR does this.

After an update, I noticed that TREZOR started intentionally blurring the technical address through which they send to the network (internal wallet).

What should I do in this case?

You have become a victim of an address poisoning attack.

Scammers can inject addresses into your transaction history, hoping that you will blindly copy-paste the address from history instead of going to the source. And that is exactly what you did.

Newer versions of Suite will try to detect and flag these scam transactions – that is what you see as “details are blurry”.

If you sent money to the scam address, there is unfortunately nothing that can be done.

Going forward, you should carefully check the address as displayed on your Trezor screen. As you have seen first hand, checking just the beginning and end is not sufficient. The upper- and lower-case letters are also an indication that the address as a whole is different.

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