Waiting for the transfer of MATIC to TREZOR by ERC20 for a long time

Good time, such a problem, I sent the MATIC token with a metamask, indicated everything is correct in his contract in the ETHEREUM network, but 12 hours have passed, I did something wrong or is not supported by MATIC or just wait some more

Hello @gunbinateam welcome to the forum

Please see the post below as it explains very well how to resolve this issue

If the address to where you sent your matic is correct and confirmed on the blockchain (check block explorer) your tokens are not lost, you just don’t see them.
you will need to add this manually to trezor suite. This procedure is explained on the post I am sharing.


BRO))) First of all, of course, I added MATIC to my TREZOR, after which I sent tokens via ERC-20, according to the browser https://polygonscan.com/ they are at the desired final address, but the balance in TREZOR SUITE is zero!!!

@gunbinateam if you see them on polygonscan then you did not send it via ERC20, you sent it via Polygon chain.

Please, watch this:

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