View Bridged erc20 tokens in Tresor Suite

How can you see the USDC.e coin that has been bridged to Avalanche C-Chain MM Mainnet in Trezor Suite. I can see it fine in MM but I can not see it in Trezor when I connect through the Trezor Suite “only”. I see all my erc20 tokens that are in my MM ETH Mainnet in the Trezor Suite but none of the bridged erc20 tokens. I am wondering if there is some sort of process similar to adding various MainNets in MM for the Trezor Suite so you can see “Bridged” erc20 tokens also?

Avalanche C-Chain is not supported by suite.
so if your USDC is on Avalanche C-Chain , it is right that you can not see them in suite.

Thx for responding but could you expand a little bit.

What happens if I loss the MM I originally bridged those tokens from even though I did this with a Trezor link wallet. I currently consider MM as a throw away wallet and my linked Trezor wallet as the real wallet. Are those bridged tokens hiding somewhere in my Trezor wallet and only visible when I connect a MM OR are they hiding somewhere in my original MM?

This question might be a result that I do not truely understand what a bridged token really is. A noob I guess.

The first thing you need to understand is that coins are stored on the blockchain.
The role of the wallet is to store the private key.
The receiving address of your USDC, although not on the erc20 chain, uses the private key in your trezor device. So as long as your trezor doesn’t change, the coins remain yours.
No matter where you go, as long as you can find a computer, install a MM, install the corresponding chain, and connect to your trezor, you can see your coins. It’s just that if you want to send your USDC, different chains need different coins as fees. It is recommended that no matter what chain you store the coins in, you should reserve some coins of this chain in your wallet, so that you can use them when you send them out in the future.

Thank you, that really helped.