UTXO Consolidation

Hi, I have a question about consolidating UTXO’s and sending from and to the same account in Trexor Suite. I created a receive address and sent from the same account to that address, but the amount that I sent is not mentioned. There is just an input shown for the fee and an output for the fee. This is what’s shown in the pending transaction message:

Sending BTC to myself

–0.00002009 BTC


Sent to myself



–0.00002009 BTCA$2.10

Bump fee

I’m not sure what that means or why the amount of BTC that I sent is not shown. Perhaps I’m trying to consolidate in the wrong way?

Thanks. My problem is though that although I did that Trezor Suite isn’t showing the transaction in a way that I’d expect. If I sent $500 worth of BTC I’d expect that to show somewhere, but its just showing an input and output for the fee. There is no record anywhere of $500 being received at any address.

Hi @redwine,

You should be able to see the details of the transaction after you click on the transaction in the transaction history. You can also copy the txID of the transaction and paste it into blockchain explorer (for example https://btc1.trezor.io/) to see more details about the transaction.