Using trezor for optimism network and metamask

Could you guys please assist me in comprehending the optimal security practices for utilizing Trezor with the Optimism network? Please correct me if I am wrong.

  1. -Begin by installing your Trezor wallet securely
  2. -Safely record and store your Trezor seed.
  3. -Connect your Trezor hardware wallet to the Optimism network.
  4. -Establish a secure integration between Trezor and MetaMask
  5. -Record and securely store the seed for your MetaMask wallet?
  6. -Connect your MetaMask wallet to the Optimism network ?
  7. -Confirm that your wallet address reflects your Trezor’s address and metamask on the Optimism network ?
    8.-Receive ETH on the L2 address associated with your Trezor wallet+metamask ?

Is this the most secure method for integrating my Trezor with my MetaMask wallet? Additionally, when engaging in decentralized exchanges (DEX), is it necessary to confirm transactions directly through my Trezor wallet for added security?

Hi @NeveDyer,

I can confirm that you should initialize your Trezor device in Trezor Suite first. Record recovery seed generated by Trezor safely!

Check the ETH receiving address that you see in Trezor Suite then and write it down. Install MetaMask and connect your Trezor device to MetaMask, information on how to do it can be found at
(the recovery seed generated by MetaMask is not important if you are going to use it with Trezor device)

Make sure to connect the same ETH address that you see under your ETH account in Trezor Suite. You can then add the Optimism network to the MetaMask. Information on how to do it can be found in the video linked in this thread: How to use EVM compatible chains with Trezor (Matic, Avax)
(the Polygon network is used as an example, you need to find and add “OP Mainnet” on

You can then send funds to the ETH address that is connected to the Optimism network via MetaMask.

It is possible that some DEX will want a confirmation of the transaction if you have your MetaMask account connected to it.

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