Using the same Trezor T with Trezor Suite & Metamask

Hi, a basic question but I have a Trezor T securing a crypto in Trezor Suite. I want to secure 2 other crypto tokens that are supported by the Trezor T but NOT on the Trezor Suite application.

So I am going to use MetaMask for these tokens and I want to use a Trezor T device.

However can I use the SAME Trezor T, or will I have to purchase a new one just for MetaMask ??



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Hi @marcUK,

You can use the same Trezor Model T for the MetaMask. No matter what 3rd party wallet is used with your Trezor, the recovery seed is always safely stored offline in the Trezor device and never leaves it.

Information on how to connect Trezor with MetaMask can be found at

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