USDT tokens received yet balance is zero

I’ve transferred USDT tokens to my ETH wallet yet the balance is zero. How do I access the funds?

Hi @TrezzyTrez,

Could you please offer some more information about the transaction, such as –

  • what transfer network did you use?
  • how much gas did you use?
  • how long is it since you submitted the transfer?
  • what’s the current status of the transaction?
  • if the status is “Confirmed”, have you looked in the Tokens section of your ETH account?
  • do you have the “Remember” function set ON or OFF?

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I admit I’m a complete noob and so perhaps there is something about what I am doing that will be plainly obvious to someone with more knowledge and experience.

I used coinbase. The fees were set by coinbase. There are in fact two transfers; one sent on 6/23 and the other on 7/3. Both transactions are confirmed. The transfers do indeed show in the tokens section of this wallet. However there is a 0 ETH balance and when I attempt to send funds, even $1, I receive a “not enough funds” error.

Where would I find the “Remember” function and what does it do?

If the the Remember function is ON, you’re watching your funds in an account. If it’s OFF then a Discovery routine is done on the blockchain(s) to update your funds balance. In other words, if you just want to see your funds and haven’t done any transfers recently, you can set Remember ON. But it’s easy to forget you’ve set it ON and then, when you do a transfer and the amount doesn’t change, you’re wondering why. So I’ve learned to always have it OFF to not confuse myself.

The ETH “mother account” for the Tokens doesn’t include the amount of the Tokens. So, for example, you have 0 ETH in the account but 100 USDT in Ethereum tokens under that account, it’s perfectly normal.

To send ETH you must have enough gas for the transaction in the same account.

You should learn about Trezor before you attempt any transactions, so you know what you do before you do it. It’s a good principle to never experiment with funds/money and hope it will go well.

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I can also suggest checking the video on how to use ERC20 tokens in Trezor Suite linked in this thread: How to use ERC20 tokens in Trezor Suite