USDT Token not Received - Cronos network

Good Morning All,

I have small problem, yesterday i added USDT token to my Etherium account and transfered funds in USDT throught Cronos network to this account , but when i closed the wallet and open it up again it disappeared. When i added the USDT token again to see if the funds are on the wallet by any chance, but there is nothing recevied. I checked the transaction status and everything is completed Now everytime i try to open and close the Trezor wallet the token is gone again.
Any ideas what to do and how to get the funds back ?

you will not see it in Suite, you have to connect to Metamask:Apps:MetaMask - Trezor Wiki

Then go to search for cronos and add it to MM. You will see coins there, you can send them back where you had them and then again to Trezor using ERC20 network.

and why do Tokens keep disappearing when i close and open wallet again ?

because you did not send any erc20 token yet, it’s expected behavior, it will stay once you actually send something to your wallet

I did as you instructed and still i cant see my coins there

share some screenshots from MM.

also try to click Import token in MM and add this address: 0x66e428c3f67a68878562e79A0234c1F83c208770

i added USDT and Cro just to be sure.

you are in the wrong network, it says Ethereum network in upper left corner, when you need to be in Cronos network as I mentioned in first post.

I put Cronos network too but i cant add USDT token there

yes, you can, there is no issue:

remember you need to add this contract (in my previous post), they are different on every chain 0x66e428c3f67a68878562e79A0234c1F83c208770

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