USDT from Binance to Trazor ETH

I just transfered USDT from Binance to Trezor ETH wallet and I cannot check it.
Did I did it wrong? How can I know more about the future of this transaction.

Hi @Walter

When withdrawing USDT from Binance you can choose among following networks:


I suggest you to use blockchain explorers of first five networks in order to see which one have you used (in case you do not remember). You can search by the TxID.

The last two networks are not supported by Trezor firmware but Binance should not even allow you to withdraw funds using them as these chains use different format of address (based on the fact that you have used ETH address generated on Trezor) so you should be good - your funds are not lost.

Also, none of the networks mentioned (except ETH) is supported natively in Trezor Suite so 3rd party interface has to be used. But we will get down to it when you will provide the network that has been used. Cheers.

on the details on the web page it´s AVAXC but TxID cannot be found on blockchain explorers.
USDT are not in Binance account either my Trezor ETH account.

Could you please confirm that you are not able to find the transaction using following blockchain explorer ?

Yes, not I can see the transaction there.
What now? :slight_smile:

*Now I can see the transaction…

You can access your funds connecting your Trezor to Metamask, please see following video-manual:

Perfect, I did it, not how can i recive them?

Please note that technically you have already received them - they are already on the address derived from the private key that is securely kept on your Trezor (simply put the private key works in this case as sort of proof of ownership).
With that being said you can sign the transaction anytime when sending the coins out of your wallet.

However if you want to be able to see your funds in Trezor Suite interface you would have to swap your USDT tokens to ERC20 (instead of BEP20).
The simplest would probably be to send it back to Binance (you have to have some BNB on the same account in order to cover TX gas fees on BSC network) and from there withdraw it again, this time on desired network (Ethereum mainnet).

Hi Michal
Do you have a video tutorial how to do it?

Unfortunately we don’t have such tutorial Walter. That is already out of our scope.