USDT ERC20 Stolen from my Trezor wallet

Hi someone stolen my USDT from my Trezor-Eth Wallet. This happened while I was doing a USDT withdrawal transaction, simultaneously one extra transaction was made on my Eth wallet and he stole my USDT. Can anyone here help me to recover?

please open a support ticket:

If the transaction is confirmed no one can recover it, crypto transactions are not reversible

No one can help you recover stolen coins. If your eth wallet or bnb wallet gives some authorization, hackers can automatically transfer some coins on your eth chain or bsc chain directly through the system running automatically on the server.
Therefore, the wallet for hoarding coins and the wallet for currency exchange should use different wallets.
Overall, this is a big bug in smart contracts.

Hi BtcLtc, thankx for the reply. I haven’t confirmed the stolen transaction, it happened automatically while I did a genuine transaction. Should I provide the wallet here for verification?

When swapping, small websites or certain tokens will automatically steal authorization. Hot wallets will directly lead to the loss of coins. Cold wallets like trezor will automatically transfer coins when plugged into a computer.

that is not really true, there can be different conditions, depending on what smart contract he interacted with

Most of the smart contracts that I know of to defraud authorization currently use this.

I haven’t authorised any transaction other than the genuine transaction I did. I transferred 645 USDT and a stealing transaction also occurred at the same time as 635 USDT.

Are the two transactions sent to different addresses?

Yes two transactions to two different addresses.

This should be another way of stealing coins to deceive authorization. Every time you transfer coins out of your wallet, almost the same amount of coins will be transferred to the hacker’s address.

Yes I have actually transferred 645 and the hacker transferred 635 at the same second. How to escape this trouble in my future transactions?

we answered your ticket, please respond. The only possibility is that your seed was compromised.

Sorry, I haven’t received any answer email yet. Can u post the ticket answer here ? My mail quota reached. What to do next.

I personally think you should get a new wallet to use…

Changing the keys won’t work?