USB Vendor Id, Product Id and Serial Number

I’m building Trezor integration into my app and would like to find out more about:

  • Vendor Id (4617)
  • Product Id (21441)
  • Serial Number

The vid and pid are not registered with USB-IF and the vid appears to be listed as invalid for this company “Interbiometrics Zugangssysteme GmbH”. This is totally fine, but would like to know if these can be used as valid & unique identifiers for Trezor devices.

For individual Trezor devices (Model T vs. One) would serial number be a appropriate identifiers?

The USB serial number is the same thing as “device id” reported in Trezor features, and it uniquely identifies a particular Trezor setup. In other words, it’s randomly generated when you set up (or restore) a Trezor wallet, and erased and regenerated when you wipe the device.

There is no persistent identifier that uniquely identifies a particular Trezor unit. When you wipe the device, it will present itself as a completely new one.

You can find the VIDs and PIDs used here: trezor-firmware/ at master · trezor/trezor-firmware · GitHub
Trezor One uses one vid/pid pair, and Trezor T uses two: one in bootloader mode and the other in normal mode. You can use it to identify that a device is a Trezor – I know very little about USB-IF processes, but from what I know, the Interbiometrics registration is actually outdated?

Brilliant, thank you so much for your reply. I unsure of validity of “Interbiometrics registration” these days, was just information I encountered while researching this topic.