URGENT Stolen money from two Trezor devices Unauthorized Transactions $85,000 USD GONE

PLEASE dear God someone help me. I have a Trezor Model T bought(bought about a year ago) directly from Trezor and also a Trezor model One also bought directly from Trezor (had that model for 4 years now) I DID not share my SEED WORDS or Passcode.
THEN on 1/23/2023 between 10pm and 11pm CST BOTH my Trezors were HACKED within 45 minutes of each other resulting in 2 unauthorized transactions on my Model T Trezor and 3 unauthorized transactions on My Trezor One. Stealing $85,000 WORTH OF CRYPTO USD. I am completely heart broken. It was part of my savings. I believe it was a INSIDE JOB with TREZOR. My SEED words sit in a drawer and NO ONE HAS access. How would they be able to HIT both at ONE time??? YES I created a ticket, but it said up to 4 days before they will get to me. HAS ANYONE HAD THIS PROBLEM!! This is a tragic loss, I feel like my home burned down…:frowning:

Please post the wallet addresss

Did you use a PASSPHRASE?

Are you sure no one took a picture of your papers with seeds in the table? You need to swap some words in the seed so that the seed is not in its purest form (too late in this case). Also, papers should not be stored in the table, but inside bricks with cement or something like that.

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Hola, solucionaste el problema??? Yo tambien he tenido transacciones que no he hecho. Tu piensas que son los de trezor que hacen esto verdad?

Write english in this forum, please!

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