URGENT: Inform Users about the new Scam E-mail

There is a new email which has been sent to probably thousand of Trezor users and it is addressed personally and makes it very convincing, which claims that one of your servers has been compromised and that users will have to download the latest Trezor Suite using the Download button in the email. The Scam email has been sent from an almost identical email address ([email protected]) which can trick anyone thinking it’s a genuine email sent from Trezor. Tracking the headers of the email says that country of origin is France.
Trezor support Team please make an official announcement and send emails too ASAP to make your users aware before it’s too late and they lose their money.


Thanks for posting this. I just got the same email and it did not sit right with me. I researched until I found this post. Yes, please Trezor customer service send out a notice to all your customers to let them know this is a scam.


I received this same email. Notice that the email address does not have the ‘s’ in the HTTP . Fake, do not download anything from the link.


[SCAM] Fake security breach notification