Urgent! I can’t send my solana funds out?

I’ve sent solana out of my razor various times no issues but I’ve tried 7 times sending small amounts to different wallets and nothing.
It says they are sent on the activity log but doesn’t allow me to click on view details as it’s not sent.
Can I have some help please to get my funds out ?


use nufi wallet (the web wallet, NOT the extension)

What kind of busch league trash is this? Why even put Solana as a supported native coin within the Suite if it wont even let you do trivial send? Embarrassing

Just tried to set up this stupid NUFI garbage and link my Trezor to the Web Wallet (NOT extension) and see 0 balance on all assets. WTH kind of solution is this?

It’s a solution that worked for me a number of times. With SOL itself and several SOL tokens.

Very helpful doge. Thank you for contributing

At least ETH can be sent as expected. PLEASE GET THIS RESOLVED TREZOR TEAM!

@cat_tax Contact Trezor support directly. Contact them per e-mail: [email protected]
Edit: Seems like you need to create a ticket first with the chatbot, see: https://trezor.io/support

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We are working on a solution, thank you for your patience.

In the mean time yo can use 3rd party wallet paired with Trezor: https://wallet.nu.fi/auth/create_wallet

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If you can inform us how long can take to be fixed the issue and if will be published on your social media channels ? Many users have same issue and of course not easy to get a answer or updates 'about.

When there is an update you will receive a message in Suite about the new version. At the moment I do not have a specific time but we are working on it.


Having the same issue. Can’t send sol from hidden wallet to external. Lists on activity but then disappears after a while. Please do update us as soon as this is resolved.


Have the same issue - SOLANA can not be send or exchanged!

This issue dating at least 25 days ago - what is going on, does anyone have an update -


I will keep on posting until have my answer!!


Solana network is in a bit of a mess at the moment.
Ledger have the same issues… (and other wallets as well)
All I can say is try the nufi wallet.
And keep trying.

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