[UPDATE] Trezor Suite update August 2023

August Trezor Suite Update Alert!

We’ve been working tirelessly to enhance your user experience, and we’re thrilled to introduce this month’s updates. Explore them in the thread below.

Seamless Updates: Say goodbye to the hassle of reconnecting! With this update, updating your Trezor Model T is as smooth as ever. Enjoy a hassle-free experience as we streamline the process for your convenience.

Coinjoin for Trezor Model One: Your privacy matters, and we’ve got you covered. In partnership with Wasabi Wallet we introduce Coinjoin for Trezor Model One. An advanced feature that takes your security to the next level. Your transactions just got even more private!

Little Trezor Homescreen: In collaboration with Lina Seiche (Mommy of The Little HODLer), introducing the “Little Trezor” home screen, adding a dash of fun and style to your device.

Upgrade to the latest version now and unlock these amazing features. Your security and user experience are our top priorities, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy the improvements. Stay tuned for more innovations because at Trezor, we’re dedicated to shaping the future of crypto security together!

As always you can check the full changelog here: https://trezor.io/learn/a/trezor-suite-update-august-2023