Unknown transfers from Trezor T Wallet

On May of 2022 I have ordered Trezor T from official website, get it fully packed, without any damaging with holographic signs. I have activated hardware, keep my physical recover seeds, passphrase, PIN and Trezor T in my safe. On 14th of 2023 unfortunately I have decided to use Trezor T and transfer my BTC and Ethereum from Binance. Transactions done successfully, without any issues. After that I have closed Trezor T and continue keep it on my safe. Yesterday, I connected to hardware and so 2 transactions both from BTC and ETH wallets. I have opened two tickets with customer support and still no any response to my issue.

I want to remember, dear Trezor team, that your CEO and your developers team took responsibility to provide the best security and service for your cold wallet users, and any issue related to wallet and funds are under your responsibility, no one has access to codes written by your developers. So, I am expecting responsibility and detailed answers.

If there is no any answer, please, all users that lost funds, lets together start jurisdictional process against this company and its developers. This is already No.10000000 case that people lost funds due to your unseriousness. And I have read all the answers that you give your users, that seeds may have been compromised, if something generated by device and working on environment that was created by your developers can be compromised, this is not my fault or someone else, this is your fault, that without deeper knowledge you started to create cold wallets and not secure environment for it.

Please post the Ticket IDs here, below.

you have the response, please check your email.

I have the same issue. I have saved my Caradano on my Trezor T hardware wallet on December 2020 and I didn’t did any transaction since December 2020. I received email from Trezor on April 2022 regarding “Details of the Mailchimp data breach” and also mentioned in the email that "Below you will find specific data belonging to you which was stolen in the attack. Data stolen in the attack “Your email address, Your IP address, An approximate location based on your internet provider”. I tried to login my Trezor T in June 2023 and I can not found my Cardano on my Trezor T Hardware wallet and when I check my history it shows there was one transaction in 31st January 2023 and all my Cardanos was sent. This is unauthorized transaction and look like it was stolen. I would like to appeal Trezor T to investigate this transaction and recover my Cardanos back to me.

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