Unable to view Theta tokens using Trezor via Theta wallet

I am no longer able to view my Theta/TFuel address on my Trezor using it via the Theta wallet. I haven’t accessed it for 3 months but in the past had no problem.

After hours trying to work out the problem, I managed to view the coins on Metamask after adding the Theta Mainet but only as a collective under TFuel. So at least I know I still have them on the correct address.

However when I try again to access it via Theta wallet the address is still not there. I can still see the transactions sent from my Theta wallet to my Trezor hardware. I have tried using Firefox and Chrome.

Any advice would be really great as it is driving me a bit crazy lol.
Thank you

User @SimeonCN says that Theta has switched network, away from ETH. Maybe that happened after you looked at your THETA last time.

There’s also this post on Twitter, that @NIYAK posted.

Maybe it can help you? I’d advise you to contact Theta wallet support.

Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

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