Unable to enter the seed phrase in recovery


Today I tried to do the recovery test. When I was asked to enter the 12 seed phrases. I was unable to complete the seed word due to the rest of the letters greyed out.

The word was quantum. The only option that comes is quality.

I am pretty sure of the word as I have wrote it down in multiple places and all sources confirm it is the correct word.

Can you please help.

Trezor model T.


was quantum the 12th word by any chance ?
if so then something is likely wrong with the seed phrase

It might be…

I had it recorded as word number 1.

I either shifted all the words one down or replaced it with another phrase.

But it allowed me all the other words except this one.

How many times can I try? I have two scenarios or 3 in my head.

I purchased another trezor anyways. Will transfer my holdings to it and then try or else wipe it all.

By the way: I had a serious hardware failure with another manufacturer’s wallet. Since then, even though I am a happy Trezor customer, I recommend not depositing a large amount before you have successfully tested the recovery feature. Put a small amount in both the regular wallet and the hidden wallet, swipe everything, restore it, find the coins there, and then deposit the full amount.

I think you can try as many times are you want…
But which crypto chains you using?
If it was me, I’d probably transfer the crypto to a hot wallet (Trust wallet maybe)
Then wipe the trezor, start again and transfer back to it…

wtf are you on about @doge.

@MuhsenA there is nothing wrong with your seed phrase. quantum is a valid BIP-39 word. Watch this video of me entering it on a Trezor T:

OK sorry, I stand corrected.
I did realise quantum was a valid word…
I thought his problem might have something to do with the last word being some kind of checksum and thus the wallet not accepting it because there was an error in the rest of the seed somewhere.


I have no idea how I missed that TWICE!

Thank you so much. Highly appreciated!