Ugrade: Trezor One to Safe 3

I want to upgrade from my Trezor One to the new Safe 3.

  • Since I’m upgrading devices I would simply follow the recovery process?
  • Any concerns setting up the Trezor Safe 3 with a 24 word recovery seed?
  • Is it worth doing the advance recovery vs Standard recovery?
  • Why does the Trezor store only offer 12 Word Seed Metal Keeps? Won’t multiple people want to upgrade, and have to keep their prior 24 word seed?

Thanks in advance for the support,

Hi @John,

First, I would like to mention that upgrading to Trezor Safe 3 is a good idea! Please, find answers to your questions below:

  1. Yes, you can simply recover your 24-word recovery seed from Trezor Model One or you can create a new seed (12-word) and move the funds from your Trezor Model One to your new Trezor Safe 3 by sending them via standard transactions.
    Information on how to perform the recovery process for Trezor Safe 3 can be found at

  2. No need to worry, there is no problem with it.

  3. There is nothing like advanced recovery with Trezor Safe 3 as even when doing a standard recovery with this device, you need to enter the seed directly to the Trezor device. This is actually a great benefit of Trezor Safe 3

  4. Trezor Keep Metal 24-word is available on Amazon: Trezor Resellers | Where to buy Trezor Hardware Wallets