Two Trezor Model One and Three MetaMask Wallets in separate Browsers

HI, I have several MetaMask Wallets on different Browsers. I am using MacBook Pro with IOS 11.4 Big Sur. Terms: Wallet in the following is a MetaMask Extention Software. Account is the actual wallet number ie: 0xetc…etc65 on which the crypto is stored. The crypto is mainly ETHEREUM ERC20 and BSC Smart Chain but could also be other networks like Polygon/Matic or Avalanche.

One wallet is on Microsoft Edge (one login and two “accounts”), one wallet on Chrome (three “accounts”).

Edge has a separate password and includes Account 1a and 2a.
Chrome has a separate password and includes Account 1b, 2b and 3b.

My Trezor is connected to MetaMask “Account 3b” on Chrome, but not on Account 1b and 2b.

How do I connect my Trezor to MetaMask “Account 1b and 2b” on Chrome?
How do I connect my Trezor to MetaMask “Account 1a and 2a” on Edge?

How would I connect a SECOND TREZOR (on the same computer)? The Trezor suite only supports one Trezor device. The reason would be, that I use the first Trezor on Chrome and the second Trezor on Edge. Does this make any sense?

Appreciate the advice…

I have some questions about your 1a, 2a, 1b, 2b accounts.
Are these 4 accounts generated through trezor like account 3b? Or is it directly generated when the mm wallet is created?

Thanks for your question. I have connected this by going to MetaMask and clicking the ICON in the upper right hand corner. This opens the dialog: Connect to Hardware Wallet. From there the process was self explanatory. The Trezor 1 you see on the Screenshot is actually Account 3b. So I have never tried the other way.! In other words, no, the other wallets are all generated thru MetaMask.
Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-29 um 16.58.54|315x277

In this case, trezor can only connect to 3b, and cannot connect to the other four accounts.
It seems that you don’t understand the meaning of trezor connection.
trezor can only connect to wallet addresses derived from trezor seeds. In other words, the 3b account is actually a cold wallet account. The other 4 accounts are all hot wallet accounts. If the mm wallet of your edge browser is stolen by a hacker, you will lose 1a and 2a assets.
If Chrome’s mm is stolen the private key, you will lose 1b and 2b assets, but as long as your trezor is safe for 3b assets, your assets are safe.

With a trezor, you have unlimited wallets.
So I don’t understand what it means for you to use two different seeds of trezor.
you can see this

In addition, I suggest you create a wallet like this.
For example, use the pass phrase john to enter the suite’s eth wallet, get address 1, enter john on mm, and select address 1 as wallet 1.
Use alice to enter the suite’s eth wallet, get address 2, enter alice on mm, and select address 2 as wallet 2.
This way your erc20 wallet is always safe.
Finally, be sure to keep the passphrase in mind! Save the passphrase as a seed!

I understand completely the cold and hot wallet definition. I also understand the concepts of the passphrase. What I do not understand is the connections. I started all my crypto with purely hot wallets and have multiple MM extentions and accounts in order to keep the funds safer.

Since realizing the safety of the cold wallet, I purchased Trezor. So I chose the Wallet/Account with the most funds (3b) and wanted to keep these totally secure, also not being able to access them by my Smartphone.

Later (or now) I realized that there is some issue with connecting the other accounts to the Trezor, therefore I purchased a second one - thus believing I could generate a second connection (apparently not possible on one computer).

Also now, trying to go “backwards” by connecting the other accounts was also not possible. Unless you can explain to me how I might disconnect the account 3b, then set up the Trezor new, to connect the other accounts. I do not see how I can create Trezor wallets and connect these to MetaMask.

You can create a trezor wallet with mm on the edge.

1.) Is there no one to talk to by telephone? I would like to NOT have to transfer funds from one wallet to the next (because of gas fees and taxes on transactions).

2.) I have two Ethereum Wallets in my Trezor suite - how do I connect one or more of them to one or more MM? Do you have a link to a step by step for mulitiple accounts?

I cannot speak with you on the phone. If you speak English, I should not be able to keep up with you. My mother tongue is Chinese.
The two eth wallets you mentioned are two standard wallets of your two trezor with different seeds, right?
Choose one of the trezor, connect to the suite, open the eth wallet, and get the payment address 1.
Connect this trezor to the mm of the edge, select the hardware trezor account, find address 1 from the alternative address, and add it as a wallet.

I knew this would be complicated (cause I started complicated). Let’s start over…after reviewing your suggestions.

Question 1: How do I connect a second ETH account?

  1. I have Trezor #1 connected…It shows on my Trezor suite APP. On this Trezor #1 I have two Ethereum Accounts.The first is connected to MM and has funds (3b). The second has no funds and is not connected (not used so far).

Question 2: How do I show two Trezor hardware in the SUITE /or add an ETH account via the trezor wallet website?
2. I have Trezor #2 which I can connect via (here it shows) but I cannot connect via Trezor suite. On the browser page, I cannot add an Ethereum Wallet because the system tells me the first account (BTC) must have funds before adding another account. But I don’t have BTC, so all I need is an ETH account. In fact, eth wallets are not supported, so even if you have btc, you cannot add eth wallets.

It seems that your 3b account was created before using the suite.

I have a suggestion, you can use Trezor #1 account for all eth assets.
Transfer all your eth assets into this account, then reinstall MM, and use Trezor #1 to create an MM-trezor account.
Restore your second trezor device to this.

I see there is no easy solution. And yes I created the 3b account before the suite. And yet it is connected, has funds and is protected by Trezor #1. So you say the only way to add accounts is FIRST add account IN Trezor, THEN import the Trezor account into MetaMask via the “import account”?

Sorry, for now, I do not wish to use only one wallet, unless you mean one MM wallet including many accounts? I will think about that. But even then, I must transfer the different coins, thus resulting in many taxes and gas fees. This would cost me thousands of dollars.

“Restore your second trezor device to this” - I do not understand this sentence or the meaning.

Is it possible to disconnet trezor from a MM account?

Both trezor devices use the same seed.
Don’t you know how to use trezor’s hidden wallet function?
I think if you use trezor’s hidden wallet function, you won’t have the trouble that two trezor devices cannot connect to the suite.

You have Trezor #1’s trezor device 1 and created a 3b account. But the address of 3b is different from the address of Trezor #1 on your suite, right?
If the hidden wallet function is used, trezor device 1 should still be able to continue to create another eth wallet on this mm.
But 3b has already occupied the private key of the standard wallet, so using trezor device 1 to create an eth wallet can only use the hidden wallet function.

I just now noticed by clicking on the trezor 1 (upper left) that a window opens and here I can see the trezor 2. see next reply for further screenshot.

Here I finally find my second trezor :wink:

Is there an EMAIL support to send to?

Nope, not mine, they have two different seed phrases

Is there a way to disconnect the Trezor? In other words reverting a Trezor wallet back to a hot wallet?

there is no way to do that
The 3b account uses the private key of your trezor device 1. If the 3b wallet becomes a hot wallet, your trezor device 1 will no longer be a cold wallet.