Two issues with Metamask: Can't send crypto or use any dapps

I connected my Trezor Model T to Metamask, and I am having the following problems:

  1. When I try to browse any dApps like 1inch, Pancake Swap, etc. (doesn’t matter which one), it will not use the Trezor ETH address that I added to MM.

Usually anything I do in MM like change the network from Etherium to something else or change my account from MM to Ledger or what not… it reflects in the dApp in real time. Everything I do changes there… but when I select my Trezor account in MM while connected to dapps, it will not change. It will still show whatever account was there BEFORE I changed it.

I also know this is truly what the dapp is connected to because the balances reflect the shown address in the dapp correctly.

This is a problem because I cannot swap or use any decentralized applications with my Trezor… I like to use these with hardware wallets for extra security since MM doesn’t have any hardware based thing that I have to confirm or sign.

  1. When I try to send crypto from my Trezor to another account in my MM and I click send, the browser opens up a new tab to some Trezor webpage with the URL “chrome_extension://03717427997841294792177897898977891789” (some random digits after it really long… And it sits there for a while and then closes, and MM tells me the transaction failed.

It never ask me to confirm anything on the Trezor. Nothing happens but it fails every time.

So far I am pretty disappointed as I never had any of these issues with Ledger for years. :frowning: