Trying to link Metamask to Trezor (1st time)

I am trying to link my metamask to my trezor 1. I have watched some videos. In MM, when I go to connect hardware wallet and select the trezor and connect, a new tab in google opens for a couple of seconds, but that then closes and another tab says " looking for trezor"

When I then check my trezor suite, in the top left, instead of having a green connectd button, i have like a refresh (yellow ) symbol. when I click that, it shows trezor connected again, BUT when I try the connection process in MM, the same happens again and seems to be disconnecting the trezor ??
Any ideas ?? thanks

I suggest you try this

Thanks for this. I had a look. Under all devices, 2 Trezors are listed and there is nothing for unknown devices. My Trezor is working fine, just seems to disconnect when i try to connect MM to it ?

Any more ideas ?


i just installed MM in MS edge… it connects to MM really smoothly !??

SO why is chrome messing about and not connecting ??


Chrome works fine on my computer, but firefox doesn’t work with MM. Don’t worry about so many details, just find one that works.