TRX support. Can I see my seed phrase?

Hi, I bought tezor today and was disappointed that it doesn’t support TRX. Because I printed it, I can’t return it now? I looked at a lot of reviews and articles. but nowhere was it said about this.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to buy a ledger

The question is, can I use tezor as a seed phrase storage?
My seed phrase has coins on the TRX network.
Can I connect tezor to metamask, or something else, to get them out of there?
can I see my seed phrase in the tezor? so as not to store it on paper.

Hi @Jack123,

I can confirm that the Tron network is not supported. General information on supported coins can be found in the video linked in this thread: Supported coins in Trezor.

There is no way how to use Trezor devices for the Tron network. Also, you cannot reveal the seed imported into Trezor device anyhow (for the security of the seed). For tips on storing the recovery seed, please check this article: A few tips on storing your recovery seed. | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog

and if my wallet has coins on the TRX network, can I use Trezor, using an additional extension or something else, to withdraw them from there? for example trezor can be added to metamask, can I add it to something that has a TRX network?

I read that some people have TRX network coins on older versions of the tezor. can I roll back to the old version?

It’s a shame, I watched a lot of videos, but no one said that Tezor does not support the top 2 network in the world of cryptocurrency. it is sad.

trezors don’t support the tron network (never have), end of story…
see the coin list
don’t understand how you could have generated an address on trezor for trx and then sent trx to it.


As @doge mentioned, Trezor devices don’t support the Tron network and never have. It means that it is not possible to generate the Tron receiving address with Trezor. Do I get it right that you want to import recovery seed generated by a different wallet (that supports the Tron network, that is why there are funds on the Tron network stored in this wallet backed up by the recovery seed)?

If so, you cannot use Trezor devices for importing this seed if you want to use funds on the Tron network. You need to use a different wallet that supports the Tron network.