Trezorsuite Mac desktop app not working

I have had the trezorsuite app on Mac working fine for a few months.Last week or so it has taken a while to load up ie circle spinning for a while then ok but now loads up ok, I connect Trevor 1 in and enter pin as normal but then I get “account discovery error” we were unable to discover your accounts”
Trevor suite app is version 21.9.2.
I can access accounts on Trezor suite for web though.

Any ideas what is wrong or what I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.


Do you use Tor browser?
If so I would suggest to disable the Tor feature as there appears to be some kind of a problem with Tor service at the moment.

Thanks MichalZ for the speedy reply!

Have just gone into the settings and turned Tor off and it works now. Thanks a lot for saving me hours of stress.