Trezor won't connect to Metamask/Rabby on chromebook


I’m trying to set up a crypto/NFT vault with a new Trezor T and a chromebook (boy do I really wish I went with a windows or mac instead…) chrome book seems incompatible with everything I try and do. I got the Trezor set up properly in the Trezor suite Web app. But when I try and import it into either the MetaMask or Rabby Chrome extensions, nothing seems to work when I try and connect/import my hardware wallet. On Rabby it says trezorconnect has stopped. And on MetaMask I can’t download the Trezor Bridge and it doesn’t seem like there is a chrome extension for this anymore? Any suggestions before I send back the chrome book lol. Many thanks.

Same thing happens to me, my already set up trezor cannot be imported to either Rabby or MM. I get asked to install the bridge which clearly doesn’t work on a chromebook. A chrome extension is mentioned here trezor dot io/learn/a/web-wallets-and-trezor but there’s nowhere to download it.

Ledger works fine.

Please help.

I have a similar issue. I have no issue with Trezor suit connectivity. When i pair my trezor to MM, this appears to occur, however it continues to ask me to “connect Trezor”. I go to pair it again and a dialogue box indicates “already paired” This has only occurred after I set up my new Trezor Safe 3… this may be a coincidence, not sure.

I have this same issue as well. Was working fine and then started a few days ago.