Trezor with GeTH (Go ETH)

Does anyone know of a GeTH (Go ETH) implementation with Trazor wallets? Looking for a more secure way of interaction with blockchains without RPC and web3 wallets.

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Hi @Uncommon,

goETH (GOETH) is a token on the Algorand network which is not supported by Trezor devices. We do not have any immediate plans to introduce new coins to Trezor, as other upcoming features have a higher priority.

actually, geth (Go-ethereum) is to Ethereum what bitcoin-core is to Bitcoin.

And no, I don’t think there is any native connector. But I also don’t see why using a RPC-based wallet would be any less secure?


Yes go ethereum. But by using an RPC isnt that reliying on a third party to keep that going? For example i think the default RPC set in metamask run by a compnay called consensys. I know i could technically use any RPC but i think ot would be even better to run by own node and interact with it directly and keep my keys offline in a cold wallet.

Nothing stopping you from running your own node and set Metamask to the node’s RPC :wink:

There is actually very little a RPC provider can do to you. They can refuse to broadcast your transactions, or they can lie about blockchain state – but that seems very difficult to exploit unless the provider is targetting you specifically in some sort of con scheme? All the while etherscan is just one click away if you don’t believe what Metamask is telling you.

Running your own node sidesteps both problems, but excluding Metamask from the equation doesn’t accomplish much more. Metamask code is open and auditable, so any sort of badness would be quickly discovered.

Ok thanks ill try that route. Just have to figure out how to set my node up with an RPC