Trezor with Android Phone

I’m thinking of getting a trading phone that I only do crypto on…no email, etc. Since my Trezor won’t work with Iphone, I’m going to get an Android phone. My questions are:

  1. Is it possible to use my Trezor in the same way I use it with my web extension on my computer. I have nodes that can’t be transferred to a cold wallet. Nodes can’t be transferred. So the only way I could set this up on my computer was to use my cold wallet as a gateway, so to speak. The seed phrase stays with MetaMask and the cold wallet must be plugged in and I have to approve all transactions. So can I setup the Ledger in the same manner with an Android phone with MetaMask? Don’t transfer the assets to the cold wallet…use it as a gateway.

  2. Lastly…is there a particular phone model you all recommend that works well with Trezor. Thank you.

MM is a hot wallet and there is a risk of being hacked.

You can use any secure software wallet to import your MM seed for asset transactions, not necessarily a hardware wallet.

Any android phone that can support otc should work fine.