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Hello all,

I have a few observations and wanted to post these here to see what the consensus is within the trezor community on these. After quite a bit of deliberation I bought a Trezor T however the feel the need to buy a Ledger Nano X too.

The general vibe I get from the Trezor devs is that they are really lagging behind Ledger which seems to be able to add in support for new coins, tokens and also seems to be widely supported by most of the DEXs out there. I have not found many DEXs and DEFI platforms which support Trezor, atleast not yet.

I really love the user experience of my Trezor T and would love to keep using it which is the only reason I wanted to open a dialogue here in the forums to get the community behind this conversation.

Looking ahead, DEFI seems to be booming with opportunities and lack of support for Trezor seems like it will force a lot of the DEFI adopters to move to Ledger. It would be great if the Trezor devs could chime in and share with us any future plans of the features which can be expected? So far their response seems to be really opaque (We are in process of streamlining trezor suite firmware and process of adding new coins…yada yada yada).

Another often talked about topic is featuring support for various other protocols/blockchains. It really is annoying to see adoption of some of the really popular projects so far behind. I appreciate this takes effort and time; my intention is not to diss the devs here but to try to get this topic to the front and ultimately get some insight on the roadmap so we can decide to either stick around or move to another wallet. The whole philosophy of HW wallets is to be your own bank. The fact that there are many popular chains, tokens unsupported is not really helping.

Again, the intention here is not to diss the product or the developers but to start a clear and directed discussion with the community and see what the consensus is.


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Hi @atoi ,

Trezor is fully open source and for integration with 3rd party services any app/service developers can use Trezor Connect, which is a platform for easy integration of Trezor, and integrate it into their platform/app.

As for Defi platforms specifically, most of them use integration with Metamask and you can easily pair your Trezor with Metamask (

Then you can connect straight to these apps and your private keys will still be protected by Trezor.

Regarding supporting coins, it is true that at the moment we are trying to implement what we support directly into Suite and we have no capacity to integrate new coins.
More on this topic here: New coins support

You can follow our roadmap here: Trezor · Suite · Roadmap 🔥 · GitHub

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Hi @atoi,

As a programmer myself, for 40+ years now, I know most development projects are lagging behind ̶ both from the users perspective and usually from their own perspective. The users tend to see many of the things needed to be implemented, missing, not working as expected, and so on, and most of this is aldready on the developer’s agenda. It’s simply a question of priority of what to implement/fix first. That said, not all user wishes will be implemented, or even asked for and wanted from the majority.

I guess DeFi platforms is lagging behind integration with Trezor in this case, since Trezor integration is open source and is trivial to implement. Of course, Satoshi Labs could always work closer with the DeFi platforms and encourange/help them to implement support for Trezor.

I heard (in a YouTube video reviewing Trezor installation) that Ledger had a security breach some time ago and that the video presenter personally didn’t trust it anymore but preferred Trezor instead. It’s upto each and everyone what to make out of this, but in my opinion Trezor is the gold standard and trustworthy.

I’m sure the developers have support for many of the new alt. coins on their agenda. Personally, I miss a few too and would’ve liked to have Trezor support for them, but I don’t feel it’s critical to get support for them right now. I can let them reside in the online exchange I bought them until they get native Trezor support.

Also, many of the new alt. coins are built upon the Ethereum blockchain and are supported by Trezor, if they use the ERC-20 network. Many don’t know this, as myself a week ago.

My personal observation, from the many questions from users I see here, is that the shoe is hurting mostly on two issues - how to transfer alt. coins to trezor and the support of new alt. coins. IMO the first issue needs a (visual) step-by-step guide inside Trezor Suite, and the second should be on high priority for the future.

If you have bugs/suggestions/wishes you want to mention to the developers, I’d advise you to use the feedback function in Trezor Suite. Go to Settings ->Learn & Discover->Feedback or Suggestion. I’ve started to use that one, after I discovered where it was hidden. :wink: The developers do listen to feedback from users, I know that from personal experience.


I’ve run into some fairly frustrating limitations. I’m hoping things can be improved. I’m pretty new to the device and scene, so am tempering expectations :slight_smile:

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