Trezor T problem missing funds

Hi. At 5 DEC I make a transfer to Kraken of 0,005 BTC with my trezor T wallet from trezor suite . Minutes later I update my firmware to 2.6.3. The trezoir suite reset my accounts.I reset the wallet to recover but now shows a hiden wallet#1.I did not add passfrase. I canot see my account adresses.
The problem is sending the 0,005 BTC it was created 2 out puts, one with 0,005 BTC and other with 0,3 BTC adress. that btc was taken from my account to other adress that is not mine.I saw in blockchain.
I need help here please.

Hi @Carlos1,

First, I would like to put your mind at ease, the second address you mentioned is the so-called change address and it is yours. Please, find further information on change addresses in this thread: Does Trezor have secret addresses? - #5 by Petosiris

and in this article on our knowledge base:

Do I get it right that you cannot see any transaction history in your BTC account now? You mentioned you updated firmware and then recovered your wallet. Please double-check that you have the correct recovery seed stored in your Trezor device. Information on how to perform this check can be found at

You also mentioned that you see hidden wallet #1 even if you do not use a passphrase. Can you please confirm that you clicked on the “Standard wallet” when you accessed Trezor Suite?

If so, you should see “Standard wallet” in the left top corner of Trezor Suite. If you cannot see it there, please reconnect your Trezor device, enter the “Standard wallet” and let us know whether you see your funds in the BTC account.

Thanks. Understood. All solved.

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