Trezor T failed to import 2 of 3 accounts on MetaMask wallet

I just received my Trezor T. I then imported my MetaMask wallet. My MetaMask wallet has three accounts on it. Two of them are ETH accounts. One is an AVAX account.

I followed the instructions. However, after my wallet was imported, only one ETH
account showed up. I cannot find the other accounts. They are still showing up on my MetaMask extension on Chrome. I don’t want to remove my MetaMask extension until all three accounts are on my Trezor.

Have all three accounts been imported and I’m not seeing them? Or do I need to take additional steps to ensure that all three accounts are imported onto my Trezor?

Second question is that my account that was imported and is showing up on my Trezor isn’t showing the NFT’s that reside on that account. How do I know if they were imported? The NFT’s are all ERC-721 tokens.

Did you restore the trezor T device with the seed phrase of metamask?

Yes. I restored it with the seed phrase of my MetaMask wallet.

When your metamask wallet is stolen, it is the day your trezor is stolen.
Using the seeds of a hot wallet to restore to a cold wallet, what kind of thinking is this?

There are a couple of good reasons to have to do it this way.

@SynchSlag it is absolutely not recommended, and you are defeating the purpose of the HW wallet

As for your issue, AVAX can only be used via Metamask since it is on AVAX mainet, NFTs are also not supported in Trezor so you will not see either of those in Suite

I understand but I have a reason to have to do it this way.

As for the third account, what became of it?

Nothing can cause this. Because the result of doing so is the same as not buying trezor equipment.
To describe it, someone put coins in a drawer of a wooden desk, and felt that the drawer opened with a key was not safe, so they bought a safe and put all the coins in the safe. And did you wrap the drawer with iron sheet, and use the same key to open the drawer.
It makes no sense to do so. Because the weakest link is still the drawer.