Trezor T & Exodus Connect failure

Hello, great issues with my Modell T and Exodus.
I can not conbect my trezor with exodus ( see picture) .
We have read the Helpdesk, Exodus neinstalled und Trezor T is up2date.

We need urgent help and we must send XMR to a partner

Best regards

Hi @HTD,

first, please make sure you have Trezor Bridge successfully installed on your computer. If it is installed correctly, you should see “trezord” process running on your system. You can verify it with Task Manager (Activity Monitor if you are using macOS).
You can also check if Trezor Bridge is running when you are able to run this link:

If the issue persists, consider using Monero GUI/CLI wallet for sending XMR with your Trezor. Information on how to use Modero GUI/CLI can be found at