Trezor Suite Version 24.3.4 "No new updates available"

Hello! I recently noticed the announcement of an April 2024 update to Trezor Suite, specifically update 24.4.3. However, when accessing Trezor Suite on my desktop and going to application settings I still have version 24.3.4 and when I check for updates I receive “no new updates available” Does that mean that the version 24.3.4 is the most up to date? Why then can’t I download the 24.4.2 or 24.4.3 April 2024 updates?

Hi @Gab56,

The version 24.4.3 is the latest one. Please, try to check for updates again, we roll out auto-updates gradually, so it is possible that you weren’t part of the released wave when you checked.

You can also always download the latest version directly from our official website ( right after every release.