Trezor Suite sent SPL token successfully but token didn't send

I sent an SPL token to a hot wallet and a Trezor Suite notification popped up that it was sent successfully.
The suite Activity menu item shows that this token was sent with date/time.
There is a button to show details and nothing comes up after clicking.

The token was not sent. I tried this twice and each time was notified of a success.
I can’t move this token.
Not good to say the least - Trezor support, where to from here?

Same here. Tried desktop, web wallet and nufi wallet. No luck

In case somebody experiences same problem that’s what I’ve got from trezor support:

The issue you’re encountering typically stems from network fees, especially since Solana can experience fluctuations in fee spikes. Currently, the Trezor Suite does not allow for manual fee adjustments, as the prevailing fee is aligned with industry standards. However, we are actively investigating methods to enable user control over these fees. I agree that the notification is misleading as it triggers once the transfer is initiated, but it does not wait for the successful confirmation. In the Solana network, your transaction needs to be confirmed within minutes before it is dropped by the network.

In the interim, I recommend attempting your transaction multiple times, ensuring there are a few minutes intervals between each attempt, given that the fees change dynamically. I apologize for the inconvenience, and I hope I will be able to offer a better solution in the future.

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Thanks for posting this.
I wonder how true this is because I found out that NuFi could work so as an experiment I sent an SPL token from NuFi and it went through no problem.
Went back to Trezor suite and same problem.
Went back to NuFi and worked again.
I’m convinced from this experiment that the suite has some kind of bug yet to be discovered.
NuFi is also far better as a UX anyway so wont be using suite anymore and already starting to look for a better hardware wallet as this is one of many problems with Trezor.