Trezor suite protection against keyloggers?


I am new to this forum but i have been a happy trezor model one user up until recently.
I had an old model 1 but his screen stopped working after some years.

So i have bought a new one.
I was not afraid because i knew i had recovery seeds written and i used them through your web wallet to recover old wallet to new device.

I am a long time HODL-er so i do not check on my possesions too often. However recenly i checked and to my shock i found out that they were stolen. I did not had much there. What is more curious to me is how this happened? As i am an IT person and security aware - atleast to some degree. I would like to find out.

My question is: In the old web version of trezor wallet - could it be possible to use a keylogger for retrieving of recovery seeds when i was restoring the old wallet to new device?
Does new trezor suite have any protection against keyloggers beside passphrases? - I know that password managers like Keepass do have protection against keyloggers.

Any info is appreciated!
Thank you

Regardless of the old version of the wallet or the new version of the wallet, if you use the advanced recovery when restoring the wallet, then you don’t need to enter any words on the computer, and the mnemonic phrase will not be stolen.

I believe it is possible to check or verify online that the seed people have written down to their trezor devices is correct - am i right?


A quick search on the webs reveals that windows and mac are logging your keystrokes. I’m aware of the fact that your seed would be needed in addition to this to gain full access to your wallet, but still this is a concern.

I am already thinking about the new “quantum computing” technology, and perhaps if your passphrase was scraped then your seed could be accessed via brute force one day via “special agencies”

I would like some frank answers from veterans/level 2 tech:

If you used Windows/Mac to access your hd wallet in the past, would you move your btc to a new wallet only using Linux because of this?