Trezor-Suite no longer opens on my Ubuntu pc

  • Trezor-Suite has been working on my Ubuntu 22.04 LTS pc.
  • Out of the blue, it no longer opens and, obviously, I can’t use my Trezor.
  • I have deleted the appimage and the cache, and then the dir under /home//.config/@trezor/ - and then re-installed Trezor-Suite from the website but still, won’t open and there is nothing under ./@trezor/ as there was before.
  • I have a laptop with Trezor-Suite on it and everything there is working fine. How do you suggest I proceed. I am in touch with “Support” but the delay in answering is long.

I had the same problem (Linux Mint - all up to date).
I have removed all Trezor related packages I have installed.
Now running from command line (.AppImage) and it runs well.

I have similar problem.
However I do not see standard wallet. :frowning:

Screenshot 2023-07-05 15:37:43

Trezor Model One, Linux Mint.

Did not work for me either. I also see that “standard wallet” and “hidden wallet” are shown randomly on startup. Always only one of them. I have never had anything else to “standard wallet”.
Linux Mint. All up to date (FW, Suite, Linux).

Adding that all is OK on another PC (Windows) with the same HW wallet.

Based on my experience, I would NOT DO FACTORY RESET. If all is fine on another computer, it should be solvable without that. See my other message here in this thread.


Please don’t post all over the board, just in one forum thread for one problem.