Trezor Suite Lite - watch-only official mobile app

Download Trezor Suite Lite, our free official mobile app that lets you track your portfolio on the go! Check your balances anytime, anywhere and get instant access to new features.

iOS: ‎Trezor Suite Lite on the App Store


Very very nice @radekP

Thanks for sharing

I will be testing

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@radekP @sime

So I’ve been playing around, just a little.

First impressions:

Great UI
Easy to use
Nice advice when checking a receive address (confirm on suite and trezor device)

A bit slow reading the QR codes of the Xpub/public keys.

No way to ad ADA/cardano even though it is a supported coin.

I will keep checking

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Would be much appreciated if it has node support.

TOR connection should be a must have

More features will be coming in the future :slight_smile:

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i like the app, its only missing support for more coins.
xlm for example


Taking advantage of this thread, I wanted to propose to the Trezor team that the Trezor Lite app, in addition to being uploaded to the Android and iPhone store, to see if there are possibilities of uploading it to F-Droid, for those who do not use it for privacy and security Google services, such as in the Sailfish OS or Graphene OS operating systems.

On the other hand, comment that the app does not work when synchronizing Bitcoin accounts.

Regards and thanks for everything.