Trezor suite installed on "desktop" not "programs" file

Help! Usually when I install programs, the app puts itself in my Windows “programs” file. However, I believe the app installed on my desktop where I have an icon for the app AND an icon for the shortcut. (App is working, have even received BTC on my Trezor Safe 3 wallet from Coinbase.) I can open the app and my wallet using the shortcut; when I click on the “app” icon, it tells me it is installed and gives me options like it did when I first installed it. (I just close out and go to the shortcut.) QUESTIONS: Is it adviseable to start over and attempt to load the app in the “programs” file? Or is it ok to leave it on the desktop. (Obviously, I am not very good at computer things…sorry about dumb question…but I would appreciate the help.)

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probably doesn’t matter that much.

if it bothers you, just uninstall from the ‘add/remove programs’ and then re-install to the correct directory.
But you’ll likely have to setup everything again, like a new install etc. (but not a big deal to do).

I have to admit, I’ve not used windows for many years as I believe it to be insecure spyware. But I do occasionally do admin jobs on windows to fix problems for other people.

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Thank you! I don’t disagree with you about windows…but, alas, this old dog can only learn so many tricks. My next one is attempting to use TOR in the suite.