Trezor Suite doesn't conect in my btc node after update 24.3.3

I user trezor suite in my windows PC conected to my umbrel btc full node under tor. It work perfectly until this last update in trezor suite. After this there is no conection in my node. I use electrum and Phoenix wallets in my android cel phone and the conection in my node is ok.
Someone has this problem too, or can help me about this? Can I upgrade the Trezor suite to an older version to check if this is realy version problem?


Hi @Atlan,

First, please check if everything is setup correctly, information on how to use the custom Electrum server in Trezor Suite can be found at

If the issue persists, please check if you have the issue in the previous Trezor Suite version which can be downloaded on our GitHub (Releases · trezor/trezor-suite · GitHub).

Please, keep in mind that it is highly recommended to use the latest version of Trezor Suite.